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petite souris et son lit


Ce tuto est en anglais mais les fotos parlent d'elles meme





make him as big or as small as you wish...


cut two body pieces and two ears from felt - preferably wool felt as it's sturdier.


place the ears like so


and then fold the front of mousey to the back of mousey, sandwiching his ear like this


pin and stitch


and you should get this.


Next, stitch a little tail into place, you can cut a small strip of felt or use embroidery thread.


Place right sides of mousey together, pin and stitch leaving a gap at the bottom for turning.

Turn the right way round, stuff, embroider his nose and eyes...


and hey presto ! - a mouse is born.

Next his bed, use felt or I made mine from a strip of woollen blanket


fold along line A, pin and stitch the sides to make the pillow end, and then applique some little pieces of cheese to t'other end as shown.


I also sewed a little line of decorative (wonky) stitching to stop any fraying, and to look pretty.


Now fold along line B, pin and stitch sides and then turn the right way around.


Ha ha ha..


this way around, it looks like a monster. Hmmm.. he could be a monster for holding tissues maybe ?


Put a little stuffing into the pillow and stitch closed.


If you want to make this with your children, it can all be hand stitched, or if they're getting on your nerves you can let them use the sewing machine and hopefully they will stitch their mouths shut at the same time ( did I mention that we're ONLY half way through the school hols ? ).


Have fun !

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